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The Global Chinese Chemical Engineers Symposium (GCCES) is an international academic conference that brings together experts and scholars in the field of chemical engineering from around the world. Exchange and cooperation, promote academic prosperity in the field of chemical engineering and technology, carry out cross-integration between disciplines and collaborative innovation of production, education and research, and improve the global influence of Chinese chemical scholars. The first session of the conference was held in Great Falls, Canada in 2009. Since then, it has been successfully held for 13 consecutive years using the mode of rotation in China and abroad. It has grown from a few dozen people to a scale of nearly 1,000 participants at home and abroad. The general recognition and attention of Chinese chemical scholars has become an interdisciplinary and high-level professional event for Chinese chemical scholars around the world, realizing the original intention and purpose of the conference.

From the tenth conference in 2018, the Global Chinese Chemical Scholars Symposium has become the annual meeting of the Global Chinese Chemical Scholars Association (GACCE). The organization of each annual meeting is recommended by the GCCES International Academic Committee, and the local organizing committee is entrusted by GACCE to organize and be responsible to the GACCE Council.
This conference is the 14th Global Chinese Chemical Scholars Symposium and the 14th Annual Conference of the Global Chinese Chemical Scholars Association. It is jointly organized by Guangdong University of Technology and South China University of Technology, and the editorial board members of Xiamen University and Chinese Academy of Engineering journal "Engineering" will be co-organized. Qiu Xueqing, Zhu Jingxu, Wang Tiejun and Zhang Zhengguo are the co-chairs of the conference, and Huo Yanping is the secretary-general.

This seminar focuses on (but not limited to) the following disciplines: carbon neutralization and carbon peaking, biomass chemical industry, fine chemical industry, biochemical industry, separation and transfer process, chemical process enhancement, energy chemical engineering, material chemical industry, catalysis and reaction engineering, electronic chemicals, chemical systems and intelligent engineering, green chemical manufacturing.